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Friday, 29 April 2011 05:59

=Epic Creations= Security Camera


This is no decorative security camera, it's a complete security system.

It is both notecard and menu driven in case you wish to hard save the settings for any reason the camera script gets reset or manually reset.

This security system will first warn, then eject
after they been ejected once, after it has warned them again, they will be teleported home, and after that they get a warning one more time then they're banned.

Please let me know if you would prefer a different way to do this.

Please note this product is currently in the Beta area.

Version 1.4.8b


Now onto the instructions!

When you rez the camera you will notice it is no transfer, but don't worry it has a built in relay for group land or land you don't own.
Upon rezzing it will register the new owner and it will automatically check the land permissions. If the land is group owned or is in someone elses name, a small satelite dish will rez. It will be copy inside the camera's inventory but you will not be able to rez it directly as it will disable itself.

The camera has been designed to only accept 1 relay. Each time the script is reset the camera will rez a new one.


  1. Right click on the dish and click edit.
  2. Go to the general tab.
  3. Click set and select the group
  4. Put a check where it says "Allow deed to group" or "Share"
  5. Click deed (Which only comes up if you have deed rights, if not have someone else in the group deed it.)



The Notecards

  • The first notecard is the Admin_List. Any name you put in this notecard will have access to the menu and will automatically not be ejected. To add names just open the card and put each name on it's own line, dont worry about case as it's case insensitive.
  • The next noteard is he Black_List. Each name in this notecard when they go onto your land will automatically be ejected, then teleported home, and then banned. Each time they try to enter the land.
  • Next is the White_List. This card has all the names you wish to be able to enter the land. (I suggest having allow group on instead if there's a lot of names).
  • Last is the config notecard. I tried to add many comments to it to explain everything, but i'll do it here as well.
  • on_eject is what you want your unwanted guest to see when they get removed.
  • on_ban is what you want your unwanted guest to see when he's been banned.
  • on_tphome same as the others but when they get teleported home.
  • on_detect is the warning they will recieve.
  • range is how far from the device you want to scan, this is set automatically on rez but you can set it to be very precise.
  • ban_time is how many hours to have them on the ban list, 0 is infinite.
  • online_now put a 0 or a 1, 0 will make it go into offline mode when done loading notecards, 1 ill make it go online.
  • auto_hide is the option to hide the hovertext or not
  • auto_hide_timeout is how long before hiding the text in seconds
  • and last group_check you put a 1 if you want the device to check the group or a 0 to eject anyone but those on the lists.


Menu Items

When you first click on it you will see "Reset, Stop/Start, List Ejected, Config, Cancel, Options" Reset will well reset the script

Stop/start Stops or starts the security.

List Ejected will give a list of everyone that has been ejected, This is only checked if they come back and get warned again.

Config is the configuration options, same as the ones you set in the config notecard.

Options is what controls the lists.


In this menu you will have options to add, remove or display each list, click on an add will ask for the name to be stored. clicking remove will ask for the name to be removed and list will give a list of everyone.

The hovertext

The hovertext will show the range you chose, how long in seconds to wait before ejecting, banning or teleporting home. If it allows same group checks or not, and how much free memory.
This will all auto hide unless you have it shut off.

Thanks for choosing =Epic Creations=!
If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions please send me an IM or register onto the forums at

Shawn Harcassle


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