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Saturday, 26 March 2011 08:48

=Epic Creations= Rental Cube


Current Version:

Be sure so remove the script "=EC= Update Script" from the rental boxes inventory if you rez more than one.
To update, unless the notecard layout has changed, just delete the scripts inside the box and drop the new ones into it.

This rental cube is easy to use and its note card driven.
When you 1st set it up, just place the box and it will automatically initialize.

This rental cube allows you to choose your own textures, without adding them to the box inventory. Just paste the texture UUID on the designated spot in the textures note card. To get the texture UUID just right click on the texture in your inventory and click on copy asset UUID. Leaving the lines blank will just use the default textures.

Texture Notecard


  1. 1st line is the "for rent" texture
  2. 2nd line is the "rented" texture
  3. 3rd line is the "reserved" texture
  4. And last is the "locked" texture

Settings Notecard

In the settings note card you set your options.

  1. 1st line = Parcel Name
  2. 2nd line = Box name put null to use current name
  3. 3rd line = Weekly Price
  4. 4th line = Total prims allowed
  5. 5th line = Put week, month, or day
  6. 6th line = Position offset (e.g. <0, 0, 2> would make the box move up 2m when rented)
  7. 7th line = Rental Box size when rented (current size - The size u set here)
  8. 8th line = Info note card name.
  9. 9th line = Hover text color. Enter a name or vector (e.g. yellow, purple, red, or <1,1,0>,<1,0,1>,<1,0,0>)
  10. 10th line = Alert owner about payment? (1/on or 0/off)

When you change the settings note card click on the box and select "re-config" from the menu to reload the settings. When you change the textures note card you will have to reset the box for the new settings to be read and set.

When you click "Tennant" from the menu it will ask you for the full name of the tenant using a text box drop down, enter the name in that box and click send, and it will automatically get the avatar UUID for them. After it gets the UUID it will go into rented state. To add more time, click on the box, and click "Add Time" and it will ask how much time in days to add.



Fixed a bug that after the owner or tenant clicks the box and closes the dialog by using ignore instead of cancel, when the listener timed out it caused the countdown to stall. --

Fixed a bug that when time is manually added it is not being saved afterwards. -- 3.0.4

Added alert the owner on payment and a basic plugin API: (command [clear or paid]#renter name#paid amount [0 if tenant set by command]#rental time [in seconds]) link messages are encrypted with Base64. User key is sent through link message under ID. --

Fixed problem of not getting new position if rerezzed when box is not available and where the text wasn't showing the correct time when below 1 hour.

Fixed problem of pay price not updating when reconfiguring box while it's rented.

Added the ability to set the price per day, week, or month. Just put month, week, or day in the Settings note card, no caps.

Fixed text box for those who don't have a viewer with Text Box ability.

Added a timeout for the menu's and a random channel when adding time.

When you reserve it for someone, it will ask you for the avatar name and it will set to reserved mode where only that avatar can pay to start the rental. Just select reserved from the menu.

You can lock the box so no one can pay it and only the owner can bring up the menu to unlock it.

If you have any problems or got any feature requests, just drop me a note card.


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